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About the neighborhood


Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city, the country’s biggest cosmopolitan, business center, and base for modern commercial & residential development.  

While Bangkok offers all the worldy luxuries of any first-world city, traditional Thai culture remains at its core rendering Bangkok city the perfect blend of new and old world where all walks-of-life can find something that matches their pace and lifestyle.  

Greater Bangkok as it's called, is made up of 50 subdistricts of varying development levels and unique characteristics.  As a consequence, the heart of Bangkok or downtown Bangkok can refer to a set of individual areas or a set of combined combined with high concentrations of development.  The 3 main districts when referring to central Bangkok are namely the Asoke, Silom and Sathorn districts.

Among others, neighbors to the main central districts are the districts of Chidlom, Ploenchit, Thong Lo and Siam, which are also generally accepted as living in the heart of Bangkok, due to their close proximity, rapidly expanding development and mass rail transit interconnectivity.

Another core to prime realestate in Bangkok is living on or near the major trunk line of Sukhumvit road.  Sukhumvit road runs through the middle of many popular downtown districts and branches off into blocks of commercially developed areas.  The Sukhumvit road serves as the backbone for all major development including the Sukhumvit skytrain line which provides exceptionally fast and convenient travel to all parts of inner-city Bangkok.  

















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