Our mission is to save your time on the property market in Bangkok. Finding the right place to stay in a giant city like Bangkok is extremely difficult. You need people you can trust to give you the good advice on where to live and show you quality properties at best prices on the market.

We aim to play fair between the owners and tenants while setting a lease agreement or sales agreement. We work fair for the owners, and fair for the tenants.

We help you find the right property at the right price. We help owners to find the right tenants who will properly take care of their premise.

We make sure your lease agreement is respecting Thai Laws. If the apartment is in good condition at the end of the lease, you will get back your deposit at the end of the contract. We use pictures to testify states of the apartments between the owner and the tenants.

We save your time in the researches as we know over 200 buildings in Bangkok, and have placed over one hundred leases in the past 2.5 years in Bangkok.


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