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Aguston Sukhumvit 22

Aguston Sukhumvit 22

127/1 สุขุมวิท, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, 10110, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

For those who are seeking a serene home in the perfection location like Sukhumvit that is a few minutes away from a vast array of conveniences, Aguston Sukhumvit 22 certainly delivers. Aguston Sukhumvit 22 with the graceful of the two high-rise salmon-color towers was inspiration from the application of elegance of Spanish architecture harmonized with modern style to incur the Exotic Spanish Contemporary Living style that appeal to those who see and need to visit.

When stepped into Aguston Sukhumvit 22 feels amazing, like being in Spain with creation the surrounding atmosphere by a large Moorish beautiful garden, multicolored small shrubbery and an array of fascinating Spanish style fountains that were harmonious with two graceful towers. It is not surprising anyone given here as "Spanish Town in Thailand".

From the outside to the inside, lobby was decorated to look simple but not common in the Classic Contemporary Style that emphasized the elegant high ceiling by using white color tone also enhanced by various luxury furniture designs as the 6-star hotel standard.



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This is easily one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the whole of Bangkok and is particularly popular among young expats as well as expat families. The central location of this neighbourhood as well as its multi-cultural nature makes Asoke very attractive to Westerners who are looking for condos for rent in Bangkok, while a large number of modern Thai professionals also choose to settle in Asoke. The picturesque Benjasiri Park is situated just a short stroll from Terminal 21 and can be reached by walking across the sky bridge. This park is popular with joggers in the early morning and evening, while people also go to the park to practice tai chi and yoga beside the park’s large lake. Emporium is a luxurious shopping mall located next to the park that also features a hotel and office buildings.