Cornerstone Xstate, a budding Malaysian real estate agency established since 2008, from humble beginnings of about 10 aspiring Real Estate Negotiators to over 250 Real Estate Negotiators thus far. We accredit this success to our belief that we are more than just a ‘numbers’ company. Every decision made by the company is inevitably in line with:

"Our Mission - Enriching Lives"

Many believe that the real estate industry is all about transactions and volumes, undeniably the numbers are important. However in Cornerstone Xstate, our purpose is beyond profits. We strive to be the real estate agency that prioritizes rapport over reports, one that is responsible and relational. We are driven by purpose to enrich the lives of our people by creating a platform for them to learn, grow and reach their full potentials.

We are staffed with a collaboration of wisdom and experience, from people with a long history in the real estate industry, mixed with the innovation and energy of our newcomers. We believe the combination of old and new breathes life into understanding exactly what our clients need.

And to make sure we offer the very best we have created a process that will help grow the skills and capabilities of our team, creating a truly extraordinary team.
Our role is to be the Cornerstone for all that share, creating a solid environment where our team is well trained and supported built strongly in Malaysia but with a global capacity.

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