Mission Statement
We are committed to creating quality and enjoyable real estate transactions through the dedicated efforts of a well trained professional team who continually strive to provide top before and after sale service to our clients. Shambhala Realty utilizes proven and innovative techniques specializing in the marketing, listing, selling and renting out of quality residential and commercial properties. We are a creative, people-oriented organization, providing the environment where rewarding challenges lead to personal and professional satisfaction; a great environment where we can learn, grow and succeed together, to the benefit of all.

Our Core Values
We work hard with integrity aiming at the highest levels of leadership and excellence. Our focus is providing the highest standards of service ensuring clients’ satisfaction. The concept of “Kaizen” is what drives our every decision: constant development and improvement throughout the organization. Respect for the individual, celebrating diversity, creating opportunities and mutually rewarding relationships.

Our Team
We at Shambhala Realty seek, appreciate and reward talent and exceptional results.
Working together is fundamental for our success. Perseverance, respect, opened communication and positive attitude create and maintain cohesion and harmony.
Our team is the heartbeat of our success, building and driving trust in Shambhala Realty brand.

Shambhala Name Meaning
Mentioned in various ancient texts, Shambhala is a place of tranquility, peace and happiness, a society where its inhabitants are believed to be enlightened and working for the good of humanity; a pure land in the human realm, the birth place of the new Golden Age.
This is the environment we aim at recreating for our clients, partners and employees. Our work is helping our clients find the ideal home or business space where prosperity, peace and happiness reign, a new bright beginning. This vision is embedded in the company culture as well, where collaboration, open dialogue and strong ethics foster growth, work-life balance and constant successes.

Shambhala Logo Meaning
The colour Gold symbolizes success, achievement, prosperity and good health. Associated with abundance and enjoyment of life, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the colour psychology of gold implies affluence, optimism, wealth and extravagance.
The letter “L” is in the shape of a tree symbolizing life, prosperity, enduring strength, stable growth, shelter and security. Have you noticed the trunk of the tree being the effigy of a man with arms reaching to the sky? It is both sharing and receiving the gift of the “golden leaves”.

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