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The Thonburi neighbourhood is situated on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River and was once a separate city to Bangkok. These days improved public transportation links have merged Thonburi with Bangkok, although the area still maintains its residential charm. A large number of schools, temples and markets can be found here, while Western restaurants and modern condos for rent in Bangkok are increasingly being built.

The River is one of the most luxurious condos for rent and investment in Thonburi and occupies a prime position close to the river bank. Krung Thonburi Soi 1 features a good number of condos for rent in Bangkok such as The Viva Condo, while the residential nature of this neighbourhood means that home hunters will also find a good number of old townhouses for rent in Thonburi.

The recently established River Project has transformed the riverbank into an excellent cycling path. This is a popular place for residents of Thonburi and other parts of Bangkok to cycle on sunny days while soaking up views of the Chao Phraya River. Small waterways and orchards also weave their way through this part of the city, providing a picturesque backdrop for cyclists.

The large number of expats and trendy young Thai people who have moved to Thonburi in recent years have led to an emerging art and café scene. One venue that is helping solidify the community is The Jam Factory. In addition to providing a place to unwind while enjoying fresh coffee and pastries, The Jam Factory also regularly hosts art and performance evenings.

Local markets such as the bustling Khlong San Market and Bang Phrom Market provide local colour to Thonburi. Both of these markets are good places to browse for bargains while gaining an inside into traditional life in this neighbourhood. Local colour is also provided by the Klong Lad Mayom floating market, while the modern side of Thonburi is represented by The Mall Tha Phra.

Thonburi boasts a large number of traditional landmarks that are just waiting to be discovered by residents. Animal lovers will want to check out Wat Prayoon, which is home to a number of turtles, while Pom Wichai Prasit Fort offers an insight into the neighbourhood’s rich history. This neighbourhood is also home to the magnificent Wat Arun, which is also known as the Temple of Dawn and is one of the oldest remaining buildings in Bangkok.

With the addition of a new BTS station, getting to and from Thonburi is now even easier than ever before and it is possible to reach the rest of the city in just a few minutes. It is also possible to catch a ferry across the river from Wang Lang Pier, while Bangkok Noi railway station takes commuters to other parts of Bangkok and also provides easy access to destinations such as Kanchanaburi.

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