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Dự án

Siamese Exclusive Ratchada

Siamese Exclusive Ratchada

Ratchadaphisek Road, Samsen Nok, Huai Khwang, 10310, Bangkok, Thailand

The latest luxury residence from Siamese Asset, Siamese Exclusive Ratchada is the epitome of every city lifestyle combined in order to create a project that is unique in design and function, ultimately becoming the new landmark on Ratchada Road. With an innovative design language integrated with an outstanding facade. Siamese Exclusive Ratchada is sure to offer you the new benchmark in Endless Happiness and Endless Profit.


Project owner            Siamese Asset  Co.,ltd. 

Project Area               2-2-94 Rai 

Project construction  March 2019 

Project completed     December 2021 

Project building         Tower A 4 Storey ,  Office 28 Units 

                                  Tower B 7 Storey ,  Residential 30 Units, Commerce 1 Unit 

                                  Tower C 37 Storey , Residential 560 Units, Commerce 3 Units 

                                  Tower D 10 Storey with 5 basement parking buildings 

No. of Parking           281 Slots 

                                  Automatic Parking 264 Slots 

                                  Common Parking 17 Slots

No. of Unit                 622 Units 

Facilities                    Lobby Lounge  / Meeting Room / Fitness

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