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Na Kluea, Muang Pattaya, Thailand


Na Kluea, Muang Pattaya, Thailand
The Serenity is well-named as this is exactly what buyers at this project can expect – an oasis of tranquillity and calmness in one of Thailand’s most vibrant and bustling cities - very close to the beach.The Serenity is the latest project from Pattaya’s most experienced property developers whose track record stretches back 15 years, during which time they have been responsible for well over a dozen of the city’s best-known hotel and condominium projects. Idyllically located at the end of Soi 16 in the upmarket area of Wongamat, The Serenity is located just 250m from some of the best beaches in the area. Naklua High Street, just five minutes away by taxi, is home to some of the city’s best restaurants, serving both international and Thai cuisine.Containing a mere 154 apartments in an intimate, eight-storey building, this modern and elegant looking building contains a number of facilities that are sure to be appreciated by those looking for a tranquil residence, including tropical gardens and a koi pond. In addition, all buyers and residents at The Serenity will be able to enjoy the project’s rooftop infinity pool which offers stunning sea views and there is also an on-site fitness centre for all those looking to stay in shape. As can be expected from such a high-class project, residents will also benefit from ‘round-the-clock security together and ample underground parking.Property in Wongamat is normally more expensive than in any other part of Pattaya. However, prices at The Serenity are among the lowest that it is possible to find anywhere in the area – no more than in more mass-market parts of the city, which means that The Serenity should have great appeal for anyone on a budget looking for a very exclusive lifestyle.

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Serenity Wongamat

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Na Klua

Na Klua is the region north of Central Pattaya and is known for being the more upscale business area and a quiet residential neighborhood which features the Wong Amat Beach, perhaps Pattaya’s finest beach that's surrounded by a concentration of beachfront resorts hotels.