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Klong Toei


Klong Toei

Klong Toei may be known for containing some areas of Bangkok's inner city poverty, it is also a district that has a logistically strong location and contains some valuable landmark assets, and not in the least, a resilient and hard-working community. 

Klong Toei shares its borders with the more lavish areas of Lumpini, Phrom Phom and Asoke.  In addition to these access points, the district contains the Klong Toei MRT subway station, the linking Chalerm Maha Nakorn Expressway just one stoplight away, and frontage for the Bangkok Port on the Chao Phraya River, originally the largest logistics port in Thailand.     

Loads of transport caravans, tug boats and migrant workers all pull their weight in Klong Toei.  But looking beyond that, you’ll find some national treasures and the means to develop new ones.   

Klong Toei Food Market 

The fruits of this community’s labor is the Klong Toei Market, the largest fresh food market in Bangkok for fresh meats, seafood and live poultry.  Its logistical location and the city’s insatiable demand for fresh food materials keep this largest wet market bustling from dusk till dawn.  

FYI Office Center, new development for Klong Toei

On the intersection across from the Klong Toei Market, is the new development, FYI Business Center (For Your Inspiration), which adopts the same tireless work ethic and places it into office space.  The modern office center complex is backed by the Siam Commercial Bank and will have inspirational office designs, business hotel, not 24 - but 25 hours support, flexible and intelligent facilities, bike-friendly environment and an entertainment and retail section, uplifitng value in the area.   

Klong Toei Port on the Chao Phraya River

Klong Toei Port or Bangkok Port in lower Klong Toei was the original logistics seaport of Thailand.  It’s still a major port today that imports and exports international goods to and from Bangkok.  It’s also where you can catch a small motor boat that will take you across to the Prapadaeng Park, also known as the ‘Green Lungs’ of Bangkok for some jungle bicycling through lush mangroves and swamps, a Bangkok refuge still surprisingly unseen by tourists.  

Also under the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) is the PAT Football Stadium, the home stadium to Port Authority’s F.C football team of Thailand's football league, holds 12,000 spectators and host for concerts.    

Stock Exchange of Thailand

A major landmark that Klong Toei’s location inherits is the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), the center for trading listed stocks and securities.  At the building’s base is the Maruey Library, a treasure of a library stocked with a wealth of business, financial and accounting related books you’ll ever find available to keep you up to speed.    

Queen Sirikit Center

The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) is another valuable asset in Klong Toei, a modern convention center and exhibition hall.  The QSNCC hosts popular and prestigious events, and its event calendar should always be on your radar for things to do on the weekends.  The Queen Sirikit Center is also a great place to get a quick lunch at its spotless food court, or an afternoon buffet at ‘Lake‘n Park’ beside one of Bangkok’s newest and biggest city parks that’s out of this world.   

Benjakiti Park

Enter the massive park beside the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center and you will feel like you’ve entered another world.  The Benjakiti Park is 20 hectres of smooth utopian landscape, a tranquility lake with enormous saucer island, an impeccable 2 km cylindrical bicycle track, and front stage views of Bangkok’s domineering skyscrapers.  This park was made for peaceful strolls and stretches all the way to the Asoke-Sukhumvit intersection. 

Residential Sweet Spot in Klong Toei

The residential sweet spot for Klong Toei is along the boulevards Sukhumvit 22 and Sukhumvit 24, which are backyard gateways into upscale Phrom Phong, across the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.  A collection of high-end condominiums and hotels exist on these borders.  

Aguston Sukhumvhit is a Spanish contemporary luxury condominium developed by famed Major Development and is an immediate recognizable figure in the Klong Toei skyline on Sukhumvit 22.  

On Sukhumvhit 24 is a bastion of upscale condominiums in Bright 24, Ideal 24 and Emporio Place with high quality and furnished condos for rent.  President Park’s complex of luxury condos and hotels, and Davis Bangkok's Boutique Hotel fortify the area.  The Residence luxury apartments and Mahogany Tower condominiums are also located in this cluster of residences on Klong Toei’s Sukhumvit 24.  

South of the Klong Toei market, and on both sides of the Rama 4 street, are two supermarket plazas, Tesco and Big C for a double helping of grocery stores and family food restaurants. 



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